Breakthrough SA 12403 Nacogdoches Rd., Suite #110 San Antonio, TX 78217 Non-Profit 501 (c) (3)
-in collaboration withL. C. Rutledge Resident Council
Precious Girls Aspiring to be Pearls (PGAP) Ministry for Girls Ages 10 -17
2020 Vision #PGAPmanifestingASAP

Mission Statement (What We Do) Evangelize: To encourage the lives of young ladies ages 11-17, regardless of racial or economic backgrounds to build a relationship with Christ. Disciple: Our focus is to develop a faith based foundation, consistent prayer life and cultivate basic life skills. Deploy: Have the young ladies pay it forward by sharing their testimonies with others girls.

Vision (How We Do It)
Seek: Reach out to young ladies ages 11-17 in the surrounding communities, schools and shelters. Mentor: Provide a safe and secure facility to teach faith based curriculum and basic life skills. Spiritually Equip: Provide foundational biblical training. Develop a consistent prayer life and germinate spiritual gifts and talents.

PGAP Agenda
PGAP Welcome
Opening – Pearl Prayer Circle
Biblical Lesson (30 mins)
Get Your Praise On (Freestyle – Music (5 mins)
Life Skill Lesson (30 mins)
Hot Topic (20 mins)
Invitation to Christ (5 mins)
Closing – Prayer Circle

PGAP 2020 Guidelines
Arrive on time for all sessions. Send an email to or call PGAP Cell (210) 396-9651 if you are going to be absent. Bring your loyalty card, bible and notebook to every session. No gum, candy or outside food allowed. Snacks will be provided for you. No use of profane language. Respect the leaders and your peers at all times. Raise your hand to speak and remain silent when others are speaking. All electronic devices must be powered off and stowed away for the duration of the session. You will be allowed to us them on our designated break. After break, electronics should be put away for the remainder of the session. This is a safe and positive environment. There is zero tolerance for negativity, fighting and/or bullying. These actions are grounds for dismissal from the PGAP Program. PGAP t-shirts will be issued after your 4th consecutive session. You will wear the following attire to your PGAP sessions: PGAP T- Shirt Blue Jeans Tennis Shoes or Sandals (No slippers)

PGAP Advisory Board
Tom Bright, Senior Pastor, BSA
Terry Scott, PGAP Director, BSA
Sharon Bright, PGAP Minister, BSA
Minister Magic Gray, PGAP Photographer, BSA
L. C. Rutledge Community, Resident Council, President
PGAP Volunteers